Buster Colour Rope Tuggaball & Colour Squeak Rope Review (Kruuse)

Buster Colour Rope Tuggaball & Colour Squeak Rope
What It Is

Give your dogs some fun with these toys that really do bounce and squeak. The Buster Color Rope Tuggaball is a combination ball and rope tug toy, while the Color Squeak Rope is a ball enclosed inside a rope chew toy. Both toys feature vibrant and colorful cotton ropes that are designed to be gentle on your the dog's mouth and gums, but also have a cleansing effect on their teeth. These toys are also designed to be extremely durable and good for interactive throwing and retrieving games. 

Is It Fun?

My dogs loved these toys. My youngest dog had no trouble going after the Color Rope Tuggaball. He loved tossing and chewing on it. My other dog loved the Color Squeak Rope. Both of them had a blast pulling on it, shaking it and making it squeak. That being said, I personally like the Color Squeak Rope because of its piping and rope design, which not only makes it durable, but nice and soft. Also, I should note it took Lokie no time in removing the ball from the Tuggaball toy, but that didn't stop him from continuing to play with the toy, just in two different pieces.

Who It’s For

This toy is ideal for active dogs that like to play hard and ruff, sorry rough. 

What To Be Aware Of

No toy is ever indestructible. So, supervision is always recommended. 

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