Constellation Combo Scratcher Review (Jackson Galaxy)

Constellation Combo Scratcher
What It Is

Let your kitty enjoy an out of this world scratching experience. The Jackson Galaxy's Constellation Combo Scratcher is a 2-piece scratcher system, which allows you to use the pieces separately or together to create new configurations that keep cats engaged. This scratcher features corrugated cardboard on all sides, helping to extend the life of the scratcher, as well as a fun out of this world smooth cosmic pattern. This scratcher also comes with organic, grown in the USA, catnip to entice your cat. 

Is It Fun?

The Jackson Galaxy's Constellation Combo Scratcher is pretty stellar. We like its multifunctional and versatile mix & match design that can be configured in multiple ways with different layouts. This certainly kept my kitty enticed. However, I found this scratcher a bit difficult to reconfigure at times. Sometimes the cardboard would get stuck or jammed together making it very hard to reconfigure it, but that didn't seem to be any issue for my cat. He just loved to scratch it. 

Who It’s For

This scratcher is great for single or multi-cat households. It is ideal for cats who love corrugated cardboard.

What To Be Aware Of

Now, my cat might have loved this scratcher, but each cat is different so reactions and responses may vary depending on their personality and temperament.

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