Allegro Words Unleashed! Review (Allegro Games)

Allegro Words Unleashed!
What It Is

Allegro Words Unleashed is a word-based strategy game for 2-6 players, ages 7+. Games typically take around 15 minutes to play. The game includes 75 cards and one turn token. Deal each player 8 cards, turn over the first card from the deck, and start playing! The object of the game is to build words, using the card in the pile as the first or last letter. The first player to use all of their cards wins. You can also steal cards to make bigger words and swap cards. All the usual word-game rules apply: no proper names, no abbreviations, no slang - no way! Allegro is fast-paced fun for players who love word games. It's compact and great for travel. It's the game that pits brains against hustle - and speaking of Pits, the game's mascot is an adorable pup. I'm not sure if his name is also Allegro, but if not, that's a great name for a dog, and a great game to play.

Is It Fun?
Yes, word game lovers will enjoy the fast-paced spelling action. 
Who It’s For

Word game lovers, ages 7+

What To Be Aware Of
This is a spelling-based game.  
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