Chewish Treats Dog Toys Review (Copa Judaica)

Chewish Treats Dog Toys
What It Is
Chewish Treats are Jewish-themed  dog toys just in time for Hanukkah!  In the assortment of stuffed toys is a Menorah, a Star of David and 2 sizes of Hanukkah gelt.  But the real fun starts when you put either the menorah hat or the dreidel hat on your pet and start snapping selfies.  These are fun toys to have around for the holidays or to give as gifts to Jewish friends and family who are also pet parents.  Each of the stuffed dog toys has a built in squeaker.  These are not durable toys so pet parent supervision is required. 
Is It Fun?
The Chewish Treat dog toys and hats are hilarious for the pet parents and fun for the dogs as long as you don't let them spend too much time chewing them.  The Hannukah hats are fun for creating special social media shots and the stuffed toys are great for an indoor fetch game or light tugging. 
Who It’s For
These dog toys would make great gifts for Jewish family and friends who are also pet parents.  Both Jewish and Gentile dogs can play with these dog toys.
What To Be Aware Of
These are not chew toys and should not be left with aggressive chewers.  Pet Parent supervision is suggested.  These dog toys are kosher style, not kosher. These dog toys are not for Jewish dogs only.  Gentile dogs can play with Chewish Treats as well.   Not to worry. 
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