Do-Good Elf and Santa Letter Kit Review (Portable North Pole)

Do-Good Elf and Santa Letter Kit
What It Is

Be nice not naughty this holiday season with new Christmas toys from Portable North Pole. The Do-Good Elf and Santa Letter Kit, sold separately, can be personalized and encourage good behavior while allowing kids to participate in some holiday fun.

The Do-Good Elf is a soft, poseable elf doll that's about 15 inches tall from the top of his hat to his feet. It comes with a passport that has stickers and space inside for kids to write about their good adventures with the elf. There is also a special code that parents can enter into the free Portable North Pole app in order to play four free customized Santa videos where Santa checks in on how well the child is teaching the elf to "do good".

The Santa Letter Kit lets kids send Santa their wish list, while also writing about the good deeds they've done. The kit includes one form letter for a child to fill out, an envelope, a pen, Christmas stickers, and an official North Pole post office stamp and ink pad. This kit also has a special code for use with the parent app so that kids can watch a customized video of Santa replying to the child's letter.

Is It Fun?

The letter kit is a fun way for kids to write their letters to Santa and the elf will encourage imaginative play. You can reuse the elf year after year, but the letter kit is kind of one and done. What kids will think is really cool are the personalized Santa videos. Those really make the countdown to Christmas more exciting.

Who It’s For

Each of these products is for ages 3 and up. They will be fun toys to engage kids in the holiday festivities.

What To Be Aware Of

The Do-Good Elf retails for $24.99, while the Santa Letter Kit retails for $12.99. Each one is sold separately and is available exclusively at Walmart.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy