Linkt Craft Kits Athena Necklace Kit Review (Neat-Oh!)

Linkt Craft Kits Athena Necklace Kit
What It Is

Make and wear your own jewelry with the Linkt Craft Kits Athena Necklace Kit. Using colorful metal rings and a Magic Layout Tool, kids can create up to seven necklaces and a bonus charm. Based on the historical craft of chainmaille, this kit reinvents it as a trendy art form.

Just follow the instructions to group rings together, insert the groups into the Magic Layout Tool so they stay together, use smaller rings to connect the larger groups, add the necklace chain, and connect another ring grouping to dangle from the necklace.

Is It Fun?

Kids will like the way the finished product looks and so will adults. Yes, this is a kid's craft kit, but we think that even crafty teens and adults will have fun making these necklaces. It could be a fun mother-daughter craft. It's easy to assemble everything, and there's opportunity to get creative by changing up the colors used in your designs. Crafty kids who like making their own jewelry but who don't want something that looks kid-ish will really enjoy this kit.

Who It’s For

The Athena Necklace Kit is for ages 8 and up, and we think that even teens and adults will have fun making these gorgeous necklaces.

What To Be Aware Of

These kits are based on the historic craft of chainmaille, most famously used in mesh shirts worn by medieval knights. The kit even includes information about how it was used. 

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