Skele-Tube Whoolly Mammoth and T-Rex Review (Bulls I Toy)

Skele-Tube Whoolly Mammoth and T-Rex
What It Is

Checkout the Skele Tube models, ready to feed your young science enthusiast's mind with facts and wonder. Collect all 6 and build a natural history museum in your own home. For ages 6 and up, each of these test tube like containers hold one of 6 different prehistoric skeletons. Each model is poseable and easy to assemble. The label inside has instructions and information on these gigantic creatures that once roamed the earth. 

Is It Fun?

The NEW Skele Tube skeleton models are fun to collect. Each model is poseable and easy to assemble and are great for the  young prehistoric fan who wants to know more about these magnificent creatures.

Who It’s For

For ages 6 and up each test tube like container holds one of 6 extinct prehistoric skeletons. These models are for the real dinosaur enthusiasts. Young fans will love adding these to their prehistoric collections.

What To Be Aware Of
There are 6 different Skele Tubes to chose from. Each is sold separately.
  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy