Arcade1Up Asteroids and Rampage Review (Tastemakers, LLC)

Arcade1Up Asteroids and Rampage
What It Is

Today, old-school arcades are few and far between, and investing in a full-sized arcade machine for your home can cost you thousands of dollars. But thanks to Arcade1Up the rush of this classic gaming is making a comeback, only without some of the typical arcade headaches.

Arcade1Up from Tastemakers brings the arcade experience right into your home with its buildable four-foot tall cabinets. Better yet, there's no change required or lines to wait to play your favorite games. The current lineup of games includes the Asteroids and Rampage cabinets shown in this TTPM video review, along with Centipede, Galaga, and Street Fighter II.

Each cabinet also features four different games built in. For example, the Rampage arcade cabinet, also includes other Midway Games such asJoust, Gauntlet, and Defender. Each can be played with up to three-players. The Asteroids cabinet features other Atari games such as Major Havoc, Lunar Lander, and Tempest (two-player games). The authentic arcade gameplay is down pat with joysticks, buttons, toggles, knobs, and original sound effects. The gameplay itself doesn't require much in-depth knowledge, although it's certainly going to appeal to the generation of original gamers that grew up with these games. That said, newbies can easily pick up on the gameplay. When you first set up the cabinets, there are also indicator stickers on some of the controls to help newer players get started.

The hardest part is going to be setting up your Arcade1Up arcade cabinets. While there is assembly required, don't worry---it's not going to give you an IKEA-sized headache to do (see more in What to Be Aware Of). NOTE: The cabinets all come disassembled. It took us about 35-40 minutes to put the cabinets together and they can be put together solo.

Additional features include a 17-inch color LCD screen for gameplay and original game artwork.

Is It Fun?

The TTPM team play-tested this pretty heavily, and the gameplay is everything you'd want and more. As soon as these cabinets entered our offices, work was pretty much cancelled as we addictively played and passed the time. The best part was really being able to play in our own environment, at our own pace, and not have too many people hovering over our shoulder asking, "You done yet? I get next game!"

Arcade1Up does have a $300 price tag (it's going for less in some retailers), but we believe it will be money well spent, encouraging more family time and a more old-school type of screen time.

Who It’s For

Arcade1Up is going to appeal first and foremost to the gamers that grew up playing these games in the '80s and '90s. This includes the millennial parents that are eager to pass down the same toys and games experiences they loved as kids to their own children. That said, we think today's kids are going to get just as much enjoyment out of playing these games as their parents. All games are rated E for everyone.

What To Be Aware Of

Tastemakers also offers a handy instructional video for set-up as well if you prefer to go that route.

One of our in-house player/diehard gamers was so excited about the gameplay that he got a bit too into thrusting the joystick and it did loosen the connection within the cabinet to the point it was only going left. That said, it was easily fixed by re-opening the cabinet and clicking the piece that was stuck, which taps the main circuit board, back into place. None of our other play testers had this experience but it's worth noting if you are a rather enthusiastic gamer (his preferred title) and you do have this issue.

Each cabinet is sold separately. You can also purchase risers and stools to enhance the gameplay as well as get the full arcade experience of standing while playing. A deluxe 12-in-1 arcade cabinet is also available for purchase, which comes with a riser.

The cabinets plug into standard AC outlets.

Games can be selected on the main screen. All games include helpful on screen tips as well to add players or escape one game and move onto the next one.

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