Beaker Creatures Magnification Chamber Review (Learning Resources)

Beaker Creatures Magnification Chamber
What It Is

The Beaker Creatures Magnification Chamber from Learning Resources is a playset that builds off the fizzy fun collectibles line, Beaker Creatures. 

If you are unfamiliar with the story of the Beaker Creatures, they are these little tiny aliens that have landed on earth in search of science. But until they can go on their mission of exploring all of earth's wonders, it's up to you to help them escape their Reactor Pods with a little bit of science. Each Beaker Creature comes packaged in a Reactor Pod, which is essentially like a bath bomb so when you place it in water, the pod will fizz, foam, and open to reveal your Beaker Creature inside. 

There's 30 possible Beaker Creatures to collect, as of this review. 

The color of the Reactor Pods will indicate which kind of Beaker Creature you may find inside. We got an Astrolyte and an Oceanite. Once you've helped the Beaker Creatures out of their Reactor Pods, you can then also use the included identification cards to document their info and classify them. Pop your creatures into the Magnification Chamber to get an up-close look at them to confirm your classifications. 

In addition to the fizzy fun of extracting your Beaker Creatures, collecting them, and viewing them with the magnification chamber, this kit also comes with additional science experiments you can do using the playset. There are three experiments that tap into trendy activities for kids to make gooey Alien Slime, a fizzy fun Bubbling Volcano, and Shooting Stars (using the separation of oil and water to explain space concepts like exploding stars and black holes). 

To do these science activities, you will need additional household ingredients, which are not included. However most are typical items you'll likely have sitting in your pantry. Simply follow the  guides to complete the experiences (see more under What To Be  Aware Of for tips).

Is It Fun?

From their introduction, we've liked the unique surprise/unboxing experience of these collectible toys. But more so, we like how Beaker Creatures, and this kit in particular, use the unboxing experience as a jump-off point to introduce fun yet informative means of teaching STEM concepts through hands-on play. 

Who It’s For

The Beaker Creatures Magnification Chamber from Learning Resources is for ages 5 and up. This kit will appeal to kids that like things that fizz, foam, and open up to reveal new surprises. It will also appeal to collectible lovers that want to add to their Beaker Creature collections. For parents looking for collectibles that also offer some educational value, especially for STEM, this can be a fun option.

What To Be Aware Of

In addition each Beaker Creature comes with a mini poster detailing the creature you got. There's additional Beaker Creature toys sold separately. 

As with any kind of experimentation, things can get messy, especially when making your own volcano so be sure to prepare a work area before you begin. It is also recommended you do the volcano experiment in or nearby a sink.

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