Crunchimals Review (Jay @ Play)

What It Is

Crunchimals are crunchable stuffed animals designed for smooshing, smashing, and crunching. Listen to the crinkle, crackle, and crunch as you press down on one and then watch it take shape - back to its original size. There are 24 characters to choose from including Dougy Crunch, a dolphin, and Kiddy Crunch, a cat. Other animals include a bumblebee, unicorn, puppy, and a zebra. The collection is made up of 6-inch circular plush animals with embroidered features. There are also smaller 4-inch plush. These will appeal to kids who collect stuffed animals, use for imaginative play, or to throw around since they're shaped like balls. 

Is It Fun?

These make cool sounds when squished down and retake their original shape quickly. They can be used for imaginative play and are also fun to throw around. 

Who It’s For

Crunchimals are recommended for kids of all ages from birth and up. They will appeal to kids who like to play with or collect stuffed animals, which seems to be most kids. 

What To Be Aware Of

There are 24 Crunchimals characters to collect. The collection is made up of 6-inch animals but at the time of this video, you get a free 4-inch stuffy with the purchase of a standard sized 6-inch one. 

  • Cute

  • Cuddly

  • Collectibility