Get the MacGuffin Review (Looney Labs)

Get the MacGuffin
What It Is

Looney Labs, makers of Fluxx, offers up another quick-moving yet brain teasing card game called Get the MacGuffin. 

What's a MacGuffin? In the movie world, the MacGuffin are things that everyone is trying to get their hands on even though they may not actually know what it is or what it looks like other than they need to find it. Think: the Holy Grail. One might assume that having the MacGuffin means you'll automatically win this game but, au contraire, mon ami; you simply need to be the last player still holding cards. 


To get started playing, deal the cards evenly among players so that all players have the same amount but no more than five. Set aside the extra cards. Play moves clockwise. On each turn, a player must decide whether to play an action, play an object, use an object, or discard an object. 

The game features a total of seven object cards and 16 action cards. 

Action cards: Action cards vary from powerful to simply fun ways to keep you in the game without giving away too many other details about your hand. For example, the Interrogator forces the player holding the MacGuffin or Back-Up MacGuffin (functioning as the MacGuffin if the MacGuffin is not in play, but useless otherwise) to reveal it. The Hippy card meanwhile simply means you flash the peace sign on your turn and play moves on. 


If you play an object, remove it from your hand and place it face up on the table in front of you. Sometimes you'll need to discard an object immediately after playing it, while others such as MacGuffin can become infinitely replayable. 

While you don't need the MacGuffin to win, its ability to be constantly replayed, if it's the last card left in your hand, certainly increases your chances of securing a win. 

Is It Fun?

We liked how easy the game is to learn and it truly is the type of game that doesn't require a whole lot of before-play instructions. But more so we liked that the more you play, the more strategic the game becomes, which ultimately offers great repeat play value. You'll quickly learn the importance of when to play certain cards before say a Vortex or Switcheroo is put into play. 

Who It’s For

Get the MacGuffin is for ages 8 and up from Looney Labs. You can play with as little as two and as many as 11 players. We kind of felt that the more players the better but it is nice that you can play with just two, well suited for couples. 

What To Be Aware Of

The nice thing about this game is that the instructions to how the cards work are literally written on each card.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy