Mitzvah Moose Plush and Ask Papa Talking Jewish Grandfather Doll Review (Monkeybar)

Mitzvah Moose Plush and Ask Papa Talking Jewish Grandfather Doll
What It Is

Ask Papa is a soft plush toy that answers questions like a real Jewish grandfather. He says about 15 things like:

Don't ask me, ask your bubbe.

Stop kvetching and make a decision already.

I don't know, I have bupkis.

Would it kill you to call me once in a while.

No, it takes chutzpah to ask me that.

Yes, but open a window, I'm schvitzing.

The Mitzvah Moose is a soft stuffed animal that has eight candles in his antlers. The Mitzvah moose comes with a book called The Miracle of the Mitzvah Moose. For those who don't know what a Mitzvah is, you can say its a good deed. The Mitzvah Moose has eight candles in his antlers and for every Mitzvah performed, you press his foot and another candle will glow. The reason why the Mitzvah Moose only has 8 candles instead of the 9 on a menorah is because you become the Shamash or lead candle that lights all of the others.

Is It Fun?

While there are many Christmas themed toys, the section of Hanukkah toys is much narrower. The Mitzah Moose is fun, the book is a cute story, and the Moose itself is cuddly.

Ask Papa uses expressions and Yiddish that can often be heard in a Jewish home.

Who It’s For

These toys are for families that want a Jewish themed toy for Hanukkah.

What To Be Aware Of

If you leave the candles lit on the Mitzvah Moose, it will take about ten minutes for them to shut off. Although Ask Papa is age graded 3+, most very young kids won't understand the meaning of the expressions Ask Papa is saying.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy