Who's That Girl Beauty Box Review (MGA Entertainment)

Who's That Girl Beauty Box
What It Is

The Who's That Girl Beauty Box is part of a new kid-friendly beauty line from MGA Entertainment (the masterminds behind L.O.L. Surprise!) called Who's That Girl. This kit combines introductory beauty/cosmetics for young girls with the unboxing experience. This beauty-unboxing kit features more than 20 surprises hidden inside. Think of it like a beauty-filled advent calendar you can open any time of the year.  

Each of the 20 items is hidden behind a cardboard panel. Peel back the perforated edge to reveal each surprise. Use the bunny-earred compact (channel your inner Ariana Grande) and give yourself a quick touch-up with one of the included mini mood lipsticks, which change colors as they are applied. Everyone needs a little more sparkle in their life so use the glitter stick, glitter roots, and shimmer putty to brighten up your look. 

The kit also comes with temporary tattoos, hair chalk, stickers, a comb, hair ties, a stamper pen, a makeup bag as well as face masks and bath bomb fizzes to give yourself a clean slate at the end of a long day. 

Is It Fun?

This line taps into hot trends in beauty, fashion, and the fun of unboxing pretty much anything. There's two types of people when it comes to unboxings: 1) Those that like to open one surprise a day and make the fun of the reveal last, and 2) those that immediately go through every surprise at once. Whichever category you fall into, the fun of this kit is that you can use each Who's That Girl item independently or, once you've opened everything up, use everything together to get the full effect as well as create new looks in your own beauty routine.

Who It’s For

The Who's That Girl Beauty Box is for ages 6 and up from MGA Entertainment. This is a kit that's not only fun to unbox but it's a great option for the young kids and tweens that are just getting into makeup. Use it on yourself, use it with friends, or on the Who's That Girl Style Head, which is also available and sold separately, along with other items in the line. The makeup is also glitter heavy but still subtle, so moms and dads can feel good about the purchase as well.

What To Be Aware Of

All these surprises combined are valued at $75 according to the packaging, but you'll get them for about 50 bucks which sounds good to us! Alright so let's get into the surprise factor. 

You can get a bit of style inspiration from the inside box panel as well as refer to the Who's That Girl YouTube channel or your fave beauty influencers for additional style tips and tricks. 

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