Muppet Babies Wocka Wocka Feature Fozzie Review (Just Play)

Muppet Babies Wocka Wocka Feature Fozzie
What It Is

The Muppet Babies 12-inch Wocka Wocka Feature Fozzie from Just Play is a new interactive stuffed version of Fozzie bear, based on the reboot of the original Muppet Babies animated series that aired in the '80s through early '90s. The new series has been updated with CG-animation airing on Disney Junior, but the essence and spirit of everyone's favorite bear, Fozzie, is still the same. 

This new plush brings the character to life with built-in sound effects. Squeeze his hand to have Fozzie tell jokes (this is Fozzie, after all), laugh, and sing. He also vibrates to certain sound effects, such as when Fozzie sings the Muppet Babies theme song. The vibrating feature is pretty strong; If you place him on a flat surface, Fozzie will actually spin in a circle from the vibrations. To stop a song or turn him off, simply squeeze his hand a second time. This can also allow you to cycle through different effects.

This 12-inch Fozzie also features a soft body. All his apparel and signature beanie are sewn-on, and he sits on his own. 

Is It Fun?

For little ones, it's a simple toy that allows them to engage with Fozzie bear and all the best qualities about him: the jokes, the laughs, the cuddles. The vibrating feature can offer some added entertainment value as well as tactile stimulation, although this depends on the child. 

Aside from the sound effects, when turned off this also still serves as a really nice cuddly plush for kids to snuggle up with at bedtime or as a take-along friend thanks to its floppy limbs. 

Who It’s For

Fozzie continues to be a fan-favorite for muppets fans. So whether you are introducing a new fan to the character via Disney Junior Muppet Babies or another Jim Henson's Muppets classic, this Muppet Babies Wocka Wocka Fozzie from Just Play can make for a fun playtime or bedtime companion. It's for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of
There is also an on/off feature to completely power Fozzie down. This is definitely handy so kids don't accidentally activate the toy while sleeping or if bringing Fozzie along outside the home.

The vibrating feature can be silly to kids, but as mentioned it's a pretty intense vibration so we can also seeing it being a turn off.

Two AAA batteries are required and included.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    2 AAA batteries required