Pikmi Pops Surprise! Pikmi Flips Cotton Candy Series Review (Moose Toys)

Pikmi Pops Surprise! Pikmi Flips Cotton Candy Series
What It Is

What could be better than a Pikmi Pops Surprise? How about a Pikmi Pops Surprise that can flip and by flip we mean a surprise reversible scented plush. Yes, these pom poms turn into a Pikmi with just a flip and you'll never know what you'll find, until they flip! These Pikmi Flips packs include one reversible scented plush, one surprise message, and one cord. They also come in 12 cotton candy inspired Pikmi Flips to collect, including an ultra rare unicorn!

Is It Fun?

We so enjoyed these flipping Pikmis. They are just so much fun. They smell great and have very cute details. Plus, you'll never know what you'll get until you flip. We also like that they come with a cord to take your favorite Pikmi Flips everywhere. 

Who It’s For

These Pikmi Pops Surprises are recommended for ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Each surprise blind bag is sold separately. That being said, if you purchase more than one blind bag surprise, you may receive two or more identical surprises.

  • Cute

  • Cuddly

  • Collectibility