The Magic School Bus: Rides Again Slime and Polymer Lab Review (The Young Scientists Club)

The Magic School Bus: Rides Again Slime and Polymer Lab
What It Is

Did you know that slime can be scientific? Hop aboard The Magic School Bus: Rides Again Slime and Polymer Lab to grow a giant polymer flower, make glue out of milk, make snow, grow rainbow beads, grow polymer bouncy balls, make slime and then turn slime into a bouncy ball, and more. 

The 20 experiment cards feature characters from the Netflix series The Magic School Bus: Rides Again and guide kids through all the steps while also explaining the science behind the experiments. While the majority of tools are included in the kit, there are a few items you'll need from home, and those will be denoted by a house symbol on each card. There's also a Data Notebook so that kids can record their observations about some of the experiments.

Everything comes packaged in a reusable school bus-shaped box.

Is It Fun?

Even if kids aren't watching The Magic School Bus: Rides Again, this science kit has slime in it, which a lot of kids love to make and play with. It's a fun way to introduce science concepts through hands-on methods, and with so many experiments to conduct, it keeps kids engaged in the STEM play.

Who It’s For

The Slime and Polymer Lab is for curious kids ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The kit includes borax, glue, a measuring cup, a craft stick, four small polymer flowers, a large polymer flower, snow polymer, red rainbow beads, blue rainbow beads, yellow rainbow beads, clear rainbow beads, a funnel, a measuring spoon, a Data Notebook, large gel crystals, small gel crystals, three test tubes, a test tube rack, 10 plastic bags, wheat seeds, 20 experiment cards, and the bus-shaped package.

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