Crossword Jigsaw 2nd Edition Review (Babalu, Inc. )

Crossword Jigsaw 2nd Edition
What It Is

Looking for double the puzzle challenge? Check out the Crossword Jigsaw 2nd Edition. Much like the original (which TTPM reviewed here), this is a jigsaw puzzle combined with a crossword puzzle. So you get to solve the puzzle of filling in the crossword's answers and then solve the puzzle of how the 550 pieces go together.

There's a blank crossword puzzle sheet for you to solve with 118 across clues and 111 down clues. Once that's complete, use it as a guide to assemble the jigsaw puzzle, which already has the answers written on it.

If you'd like another puzzler to try the crossword, you can print a new blank sheet online.

Is It Fun?

This puts a new twist on the classic jigsaw puzzle, combining a fun word game and puzzle activity in one. If you're a fan of crosswords and jigsaw puzzles, then you'll certainly like the dual challenge of completing both of them with this product.

Who It’s For

The Crossword Jigsaw 2nd Edition is not age-graded, but it will definitely be fun for older puzzlers to complete, especially if they enjoy solving crossword puzzles. 

What To Be Aware Of

It took us five hours to put this puzzle together. The completed puzzle measures 24 inches by 18 inches.

  • Fun

  • Finished Puzzle

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy