Wooden Ornaments Kit Review (Kid Made Modern)

Wooden Ornaments Kit
What It Is

Get crafty this Christmas with the Kid Made Modern Wooden Ornaments Kit. It includes everything kids need to make and decorate five wooden ornaments. Use glue to secure the plywood pieces together, then paint them and add glitter. There's also two colors of thread to make it easy for kids to string the ornaments and hang them on their tree. 

Is It Fun?

There aren't many instructions for this kit, but that's because it's all up to kids to decide how they want their ornaments to look. Hang the ornaments on your own tree or give them to friends. This is a very creative activity that will be fun for kids to complete during the holiday season.

Who It’s For

The Wooden Ornaments Kit is for creative kids ages 6 and up. 

What To Be Aware Of

The kit includes 10 plywood ornament pieces, two 16-foot cords, 12 acrylic paints, six jars of glitter, a bottle of glue, and two paintbrushes.

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