Woobo Review (Woobo)

What It Is

Welcome to Woobo's world! Woobo is a new interactive plush toy that gives kids a friendly pal to talk to, play games with, sing with, and more. It connects to a free app that parents use to choose the activities Woobo will play, set up routine reminders, and more.

First, you'll need to download the parent app, set up an account, and connect the app to the toy. Instructions on your Woobo's screen and app will walk you through connecting the toy to wifi. Through the app, parents can set up reminders for healthy routines, such as brushing teeth or cleaning up. The toy will also join to help make these routines more fun for the child. 

The app also allows parents to send voice messages to the child, and the child can use Woobo to send a message back. 

And there is a content library with games, activities, and songs for Woobo to play. The library is always being updated with new content to download. Most of the content is free. Kids use Woobo's touchscreen face to scroll through the different games, activities, videos, and songs. 

Kids can also press one of Woobo's ears to talk to Woobo and hear the toy respond. Ask Woobo anything, such as the answer to a math problem or to hear a joke. 

There are three colors of Woobo: Lavender Lollipop, Minty Marshmallow, and Strawberry Sundae. 

Is It Fun?

There's a lot of interactivity with Woobo, and it's all age-appropriate content. Plus, Woobo is really cute with a surprising amount of softness in spite of the touchscreen on its face. Kids will like the simple act of talking to Woobo and hearing the toy respond, but watching videos or playing games on Woobo's screen will also be very engaging. The types of things that kids like to do on a parent's phone can also be done through Woobo, and Woobo becomes a sort of friend who plays along while also freeing up mom or dad's phone. And unlike playing on a phone, parents can set a lock-out period on Woobo to limit a child's screentime. 

Who It’s For

Woobo will be a fun and interactive friend for kids ages 4 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Woobo runs on a rechargeable battery. It comes with a USB charger that can be plugged into a wall outlet. It takes six hours to get a full charge.

You can use one parent app account to pair multiple Woobos.

The app also has customizable settings for videos, sleep mode, and more.

Woobo can listen to voice commands from up to two feet away.

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