Color Chemistry Lab Set Review (Crayola)

Color Chemistry Lab Set
What It Is

Crayola's Color Chemistry Lab Set really puts the "Art" in the STEAM acronym. Using ink, a paintbrush, Crayola's Model Magic, and more, kids can perform 50 experiments, ranging from the classic erupting volcano and tornado in a bottle to making glow worms and sticky slime. Right out of the box, kids can do 16 of those experiments, but additional supplies will be needed for the rest.

Kids start off experimenting with color and seeing how different colors mix together to create new colors. Then the experiments take kids through polymers, water, plants, and more. There is space in the back of the experiment booklet for kids to write down lab notes as they go. 

Is It Fun?

This kit comes with so much, not just in terms of tools but also experiments to really keep kids engaged and busy exploring color and the science of color. This hands-on kit will be really fun for curious kids and creative kids, exposing them to different scientific concepts while engaging them in creative play.

Who It’s For

The Color Chemistry Lab Set is for ages 7 and up with adult supervision.

What To Be Aware Of

The kit includes two packs of Model Magic, a plastic volcano tube, a graduated cylinder, a display jar, a pipette, a paintbrush, five containers of ink, 12 fizzy tabs, two color mixing pot strips, a beaker, glow alginate, slime part A, slime part B, calcium chloride, a color wheel, a Benham wheel, a disk spinner, 10 paper disks, and two nozzle caps.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy