Puller Mini and Midi Review (Collar)

Puller Mini and Midi
What It Is

Give your dog the gift of health and fitness with this dog toy/ fitness tool. The Puller intensifies your dogs playtime and workout with its 2 ring design. Likewise it is designed and made out of a unique material that does not damage dog's teeth or gums. Plus, it is light weight making it able to not only float, for additional fun opportunities, but great for owners to train their dogs for a long time without getting so tired.

Is It Fun?

My dogs love this toy. They love how the rings can not only be great for throwing, but tug-a-war too. I love that this toy is soft on dog's teeth, so no bleeding gums here, and it is odorless, so it does not leave an odor on the hands. Plus, I love how light weight this toy is and that it also comes with its very own comic book. 

Who It’s For

This fitness tool and dog toy is perfect for active and youthful dogs, who need a good workout. The system comes in various sizes from a mini size to its larger size so you can find the right ring for your dog. 

What To Be Aware Of

These rings are not designed to be chewed. It is not a chew toy so supervision is recommended. 

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  • People Fun

  • Value