Transformers Bumblebee Figures Review (Hasbro)

Transformers Bumblebee Figures
What It Is

Introducing Energy Igniters, the small motor that can be added to the 3 NEW versions of Bumblebee Transformers vehicles from Hasbro inspired by the newest Transformers film. The igniter works by pushing down on the plunger and releasing to propel the vehicles forward. For ages 6 and up, these Power Charge Bumblebee toys will have kids revving up a familiar friend! There are two versions of the classic beetle model, the larger features 9 steps from robot to Beetle, and the Energon is fronted load for creating motion forward. The smaller Beetle takes 8 steps to convert, and the igniter fits in the back. The smallest is the classic Chevy Camaro. It changes in 3 steps, but does not come with an Energon motor. It also can move forward when one is attached. 

Is It Fun?

Of course the fun of this particular line is the transforming element, only here these robots are not the highest quality and at times did not smoothly make the transition from car to robot and vice versa.  Wanna see Bumblebee kick into overdrive with the Energon Igniter.  The igniter works by placing it in the car, by pushing down on the plunger and releasing to propel the vehicles forward via a wheel inside the mini motor.  Though these particular Transformers are not the highest quality, the Igniters are the added plus. They are the true wheel of motion to these stagnant vehicles. 

Who It’s For

For ages 6 and up from Hasbro, these Power Charge Bumblebee toys will have kids charging up and charging into battle! Fans of the series will insist on owning these vehicles, but because of the low quality of these particular versions, parents and children may become frustrated at their performance.

What To Be Aware Of

The Energy Igniter does not come with all New Bumblebee Transformers vehicles. We also found some of the vehicles were difficult to maneuver when transforming from robot to car and back again. These are not the highest quality Transformers and the wheels are more decorative than functional. We found lining the parts up just right incredibly frustrating. 

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