Mini Neon Marker Maker Review (Crayola)

Mini Neon Marker Maker
What It Is

Make your own bright markers that you can take wherever you go with the Mini Neon Marker Maker. There are enough components to make 36 scented mini markers in neon colors. Snap on a clip cap so that you can clip your marker to a bookbag and always have it with you for note taking, note writing, or doodling.

There are three colors of ink (pink, yellow, and blue), and you can mix those colors to create different colors as shown on the mixing guide. The inks are also scented in fruit punch, lemon taffy, and blue raspberry. 

Once you've decided what color to make, squeeze the appropriate number of drops of colored ink into the measuring tube. Push a core into a plug and slowly slide the core into the tube until it absorbs all the ink. Add a nib to a marker barrel and place it tip down into the mini snapping tool. Then add the core, place the top on the snapping tool, and press down until you hear a click. Use the included stickers to decorate and label your marker.

Is It Fun?

As with other Crayola marker makers, this one is easy to use and encourages kids to experiment and get creative with the colors and scents. It's basically like kids are making their own highlighters, which will be perfect for school-age kids to actually use in their note taking. But any kid who likes coloring and drawing with markers will like the bright colors and fun scents of their own DIY mini markers.

Who It’s For

The Mini Neon Marker Maker is for ages 5 and up. This will be a fun activity for creative kids.

What To Be Aware Of

The kit includes 36 mini marker components, 36 marker clip caps, three bottles of scented ink, a snapping tool, a measuring tube and base, stickers, and a mixing guide.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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