GoDog RopeTek Review (Worldwise)

GoDog  RopeTek
What It Is
GoDog Ropetek dog toys are a combination of rope dog toys and rubber dog toys.  Each has an inner core made of heavy-duty climber's rope.  The rubber outer portion is fused to the rope using a non-toxic polymer that doesn't seem to separate or at the very least not easily.  This process is referred to as Therma Fuse technology.  There are 2 sizes of each of the unique shapes of Ropetek dog toys for larger and smaller dogs.  The odd shapes and clever design make these toys great for fetching, tugging or chewing.
Is It Fun?
If fetching, tugging, and chewing are fun for your dog then yes, these dog toys will be fun on many levels.
Who It’s For
The Ropetek toys are great multi-purpose toys and are suitable for any dog's toybox.  Since they are made from both rope and rubber and because they have unique shapes, these toys are the perfect change-up for any dog.
What To Be Aware Of
There are 3 different styles and 3 colors of Ropetek toys.  There are also 2 sizes large and small.  Despite being tough we still recommend playing with this toy under pet parent supervision. 
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  • People Fun

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