SPOT Flat Jax Review (Ethical Products)

SPOT Flat Jax
What It Is
The SPOT Flat Jax from Ethical products is a different kind of soft dog toy.  Unlike other squeaker toys that have small squeakers hidden in the body stuffing, the Flat Jax are stuffing free and the entire body cavity is one giant squeaker.  The squeaker will continue to work if you dog punctures it with his teeth.  The SPOT Flat Jax are not realistic looking but generally speaking they resemble at Raccoon, a Squirrel and a Fox.  The SPOT Flat Jax are good for small fetch games, light tugging and even as a comfort toy.  They are definitely not chew toys and should be removed before too much damage is inflicted.  Should this occur remove the toy and discard it.  The SPOT Flat Jax are cute and economical so in case, trying something new won't break the bank.
Is It Fun?
The SPOT Flat Jax are fun for indoor play.  The one large squeaker and pancake shape seem to fun for the pooches. 
Who It’s For
The SPOT Flat Jax are perfect as indoor toys for dogs who like squeaker or stuffed toys.  These are play toys, not chew toys though so they should be used for fetching, light tugging or as comfort toys unless your dog is not a big chewer.  We also thing these are best suited for small to medium sized dogs.
What To Be Aware Of
The SPOT Flat Jax should only be played with under pet parent supervision.  They are not chew toys and will be destroyed by aggressive chewers.  Although the Flat Jax will continue to work with a puncture, they will not if you allow your pooch to chew a big hole in it.  Again it's not a chew toy.  The SPOT Flat Jax come in 3 versions.  We think they are squirrel, fox and raccoon but it's hard to tell because they are flat.
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