Lamb Chop Plush Review (Multipet)

Lamb Chop Plush
What It Is
The Lambchop Dog Toy from Multipet is a replica of the famous sock-puppet Lambchop.  Lambchop began her 60+ year entertainment career on the Captain Kangaroo Show in 1956 along with her pal and straight-man Shari Lewis.  Since then she has been a regular on the Shari Lewis show in the 1960's and had her own show, Lambchop's Playhouse, in the 1990's.  Lambchop continues to perfrom with Shari's daughter Mallory to this day.  This soft dog toy is not meant for heavy chewers or chewing.  It's great comfort toy and can be used for a small fetch game or mild tugging.  If it's left with a chewer though, it will be turned into white fluff balls.  Multipet did a great job recreating the sock puppet head of Lambchop including her signature long lashes.  The body sports faux wool, just like the Lambchop puppet does.   
Is It Fun?
This toy can be used for a light fetch game of mild tugging so yes, for the dogs, this is fun. 
Who It’s For
The Lambchop dog toy would be a great gift for baby boomer pet parents who will recognize this TV icon.  This dog toy is also good for dogs that like soft comfort toys.  If you don't mind a quick demise, this would also be good for those dogs that like to destroy their soft toys.
What To Be Aware Of
This Lambchop is not a puppet.  This is the officially licensed Lambchop.  Do not leave with dogs who are aggressive chewers or it will be curtains for Lambchop.  This toy should only be played with under pet parent supervision.  Remove immediately when there is too much damage.
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