Monopoly Fortnite Review (Hasbro)

Monopoly Fortnite
What It Is

Monopoly Fortnite from Hasbro is a new version of the classic board game, Monopoly. Now, I know what you're thinking: another branded version of Monopoly? Wrong. Much like the game of Fortnite, itself, Fortnite Monopoly is reinventing the traditional gameplay in a way that's going to appeal to fans of Epic Games' popular online MPG.

This game isn't about buying up properties or how much you've earned at the end; instead, it's about how long you can survive just as in the actual game.

Updated Gameplay Facts:

Chance cards are replaced by Storm Cards. You'll need to draw one every time you pass go on the game board or if you go to jail. Each time you draw one of these cards it will indicate which spaces on the board have been taken by the storm. If you land on a storm space, you automatically pay the bank 2 HP. The exception to this is if you are on the space when the storm takes it.

Instead of money, you collect HP or health points in this game. A pile of HP coins are placed at the center of the game board to begin. Each player starts with 15 HP and can never exceed this amount throughout the game.

Instead of a choice of a few game tokens, Monopoly Fortnite offers a wide assortment of characters to choose from. Think of it like customizing your avatar in the game. These include popular skins/characters found in the game such as Jack Gourdan, Bullseye, and Cuddle Team Leader, among many more.


The rest of the game is set-up in typical Monopoly fashion. Then it's on to the gameplay.

On each player's turn, he or she rolls the dice, moves his/her character forward on the game board the required number of spaces, and carries out the action on the die. Depending on the situation of play, you can carry out the action first or move first. Any space you land on you can also purchase with the required amount of HP. Once you own this space, you are also safe from any damages it may serve. (See full rules for more information).

Potential actions include crosshairs, brick, boogie bomb, and bandages.

Bandages earns you 2 HP (as long as you haven't maxed out)

Crosshairs allow you to force another player in your crosshairs, i.e. on the same side of the board as you, to pay the bank 1 HP

Boogie Bombs force all other players to lose 1 HP and destroys all walls built on the board

Bricks let you move forward, complete the action on any spaces, and build a wall

Note: you can build a wall on any space leading up to or on the space you land.

Walls are another new feature shaking up the gameplay. Walls act as roadblocks. No matter who's playing, if you encounter a wall it ends your turn and forces you to carry out the action on the space prior to the wall. Once the action is complete, that wall is removed. Players do sometimes have the option to play an action first that can take down a wall blocking your path.

Additional game features include Spike Traps (lose 1 HP), Campfire (gain 1 HP), Loot Chest cards (including one-time use and long-term effect cards).

How it Ends:

Eventually players will run out of HP at which point they are out of the game. The last player remaining is declared the winner.

Is It Fun?

The fun new game mechanics, in our opinion, make the classic Monopoly gameplay more interesting overall. The Storm is a feature that can also impact all players equally as well as shaking up the gameplay and can easily throw a wrench into another players plan. That said, there is still a bit of luck involved, depending on the draw.

Who It’s For

Monopoly Fortnite is for ages 13 and up but is age appropriate for younger fans of the game as well. It will appeal first and foremost to Fortnite fans, but can also offer a new twist for fans of the classic board game.

What To Be Aware Of

This game, as mentioned in our review, plays different to the classic game of Monopoly. We think it adds to the fun and strategy of the game but it may not appeal to Monopoly traditionalists. 

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