Hot Wheels Track Builder Multi Loop Box Review (Mattel)

Hot Wheels Track Builder Multi Loop Box
What It Is

What will you build with the Hot Wheels Track Builder Multi Loop Box set? Inside the box are pieces for building a Mega Loop Stunt, a Loop 'N Launch Showdown, and a Double Loop Challenge. And the box becomes part of the stunts, too!

You get 10 feet of track, 12 connectors, and one launcher, plus one Hot Wheels vehicle and an instruction booklet. The instruction booklet walks you through how to set up the three suggested stunts, but you can also build your own stunt tracks with these pieces, or add other Hot Wheels track, accessories, or elements from home.

Is It Fun?

This Hot Wheels set is all about letting kids get creative with Hot Wheels. They'll like building cool stunts, and then building some more cool stunts, and just experimenting with their creations to see how they can get the best performance and stunt action out of their Hot Wheels cars.

Who It’s For

The Hot Wheels Track Builder Multi Loop Box is for ages 6 and up, and it's going to be fun for kids who like experimenting with building their own Hot Wheels tracks.

What To Be Aware Of

One car is included.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy