Petlinks Sky Scratch Review (Worldwise)

Petlinks Sky Scratch
What It Is

Super-size your cats's scratching with this extra tall multi-surface scratching post. This double post features both carpet and sisal, which gives your cat a clean and stylish space to reach up, stretch and scratch. The lower post is designed to serve as a grooming solution, too. Likewise, this scratcher has a feather and ribbon toy attached at the top to attract and entice cats to play. Plus, it is eco-friendly, with its post base and core made from recycled paper.

Is It Fun?

At first look, my kitty, Phelix, was enticed by this enormous scratcher. I've really never given him a scratcher this big. He enjoyed it. He really could reach up like never before-strech and scratch. Plus, he liked the rough texture of sisal and nubby carpet. It gave him a good workout. I, on the other hand, love this post's denim detailing which makes it look so polished as well as its break-down design which makes it easy for travel. 

Who It’s For

This scratcher is ideal and perfect for the most aggressive of cat scratchers!

What To Be Aware Of

 While my cat may have liked this product, each cat is different and results may vary. 

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