Petlinks Dizzy Thing and Wild Waver Cat Toys Review (Worldwise)

Petlinks Dizzy Thing and Wild Waver Cat Toys
What It Is

Play with your cat or give them a toy to play with all day with these Petlinks toys. The Wild Waver cat toy is a wand toy that features jute strings and felt leaves to provide a visual thrill for your cat. Plus, this wand is uniquely designed to be a tiny diffuser with a compartment that you can fill with catnip. The Dizzy Thing cat toy, on the other hand, is an electronic spinning cat toy that features felt "ears" and a poofy feathery top. It is designed to spin and roll erratically to grab your cat's attention 

Is It Fun?

My kitty, Phelix, liked both of these toys. He enjoyed pouncing, swatting, chasing and tackling the Dizzy Thing cat toy. I liked that this toy works on carpets and hard floors and I appreciated this toy's ultra-quiet motor and replaceable batteries. But both of us really loved the Wild Waver. I have played with him a lot using wand toys, but this toy is just so much fun. I especially love the tiny diffuser with a compartment for catnip. You just don't typically see that in wand toys. That being said, it does make a mess, but it is a messy good time.

Who It’s For

This toy is ideal for active and frisky felines. 

What To Be Aware Of

Now, my cat may have liked these toys, but each cat is different so results may vary. The Dizzy Thing cat toy also requires 2 AAA batteries. 

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  • People Fun

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