Hot Wheels Augmoto Review (Mattel)

Hot Wheels Augmoto
What It Is

Take your Hot Wheels racing to another dimension with the Hot Wheels Augmoto augmented reality track set. This uses a smart device-controlled track and high-speed electric cars for racing across the physical and digital world. 

Download the free Augmoto app to transport the physical racetrack into an immersive on-screen digital world. The app connects to the track via Bluetooth LE, and once connected, you'll see your track set with cheering crowds, flying drones, fireworks, and attacks. Control all the action through your smart device and tell your car when to power through a double loop, launch weapons at your opponent, and make a pit stop to recharge. 

Successfully making a double loop gives you an attack ability, and when you launch it, you'll see a digital version of the attack happening on the screen. When attacks are launched at you, you'll need to defend yourself by playing a mini game on the screen. And when you make a pit stop, you'll be able to see drones coming to work on your digital car.

You can challenge a friend or the computer for head-to-head racing with the two included 1:64-scale cars. (If your friend is playing, he'll need his own smart device.) And if you're playing against the computer, you get to choose what level that car will be driving at: easy, advanced, or expert. You can also choose how many laps you want to play: 50, 100, or 200. The app keeps count of your laps, and the winner is the player who reaches the set number of laps first.

Is It Fun?

This adds a cool tech element to Hot Wheels that will definitely appeal to older fans. It's sort of a blending of video game play with physical Hot Wheels track play. When you're just looking at the track set, watching the cars speed around looks really neat. You kind of lose a little bit of that when you're watching through the app because the cars go so fast you can barely see them and you're focused on other things, such as your battery meter and launching or defending attacks. However, the app's special features do elevate the traditional Hot Wheels play, and fans will like having some control over what the cars do instead of just sending them through a booster and watching them.

Who It’s For

Hot Wheels Augmoto is for Hot Wheels fans ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The app also includes instructions for how to build the physical track. It took us about five minutes to assemble.

We sometimes had difficulty getting the cars inserted properly into the pit gates for charging.

This comes with six feet of track, a crossover double loop, a power adaptor, two high-speed electric cars, and a how-to guide.

We were unable to sync two devices to get the two-player version to work.

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