TreeMendous Ornament Decorator and Ornaments Review (Hey Buddy Hey Pal Investments)

TreeMendous Ornament Decorator and Ornaments
What It Is

The TreeMendous Ornament making kit from Hey Buddy Hey Pal lets kids decorate and color their own ornaments for the tree. The kit comes with everything you need to get started, including eight non-toxic markers, the tree-shaped TreeMendous ornament decorator, and three blank ornaments ready to decorate.

Ready to go? Simply remove the ornament cap and place the ornament into the holder on the Treemendous decorator and turn it on. There are slotted grooves on the top of the ornament that indicate how you have to align it in the machine when getting started.

It doesn't take much effort on your end to start creating something really cool. All it takes is the press of a marker to the ornament. You can hold the marker in place to create stripes that wrap around the ornament or you can drag it to create more unique patterns and designs. Mix it up with a few colors or go crazy and use all eight, it's really up to you.

Once you've finished off your ornament, there's no drying time required. Simply pop the ornament cap back on, attach an included hook and you are ready to decorate your tree or put it wherever you want to hang it.

Is It Fun?

We think this is a great way to get in the holiday spirit while also offering kids a fun way to help decorate and personalize the family's tree. I've said this before about the Egg-Mazing, but what we also enjoy about this unique craft kit is that is really is like an easier version of throwing pottery in terms of creation; let it spin and start creating instantly.

Who It’s For

The Tree-Mendous ornament decorator is for ages 6 and up from Hey Buddy Hey Pal. If you're familiar with and a fan of the Egg-Mazing egg decorating kit, this one is very similar only now instead of decorating eggs, kids get to decorate ornaments---perfect for holiday parties and Christmas decorating with the family.

What To Be Aware Of

There seems to be a bit more bleed when coloring on the plastic ornaments as opposed to the eggs found in the related Egg-Mazing decorating kit. Both the yellow and the light green markers also come out pretty pale so if you want it darker you may need to do a couple layers of color---just something to be aware of when decorating.

Four AA batteries are required and they are not included.

If you need more later, they do sell them in extra packs of 6 or you can hunt for your own.

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