SmartyKat Lumber Mouse Review (Worldwise)

SmartyKat Lumber Mouse
What It Is

Plush cat toys are nothing new, but the SmartyKat Lumber Mouse cat toy has a multitude of textures to attract your cat and making them want to hunt and play. This little plush toy has a long fuzzy beard, which tickles cats as they play. He also comes with plush prey-like tail and hair, felt ears and long tail as well as a string for dangling fun. Also, this toy already contains pure and potent Smarty Kat catnip to get your frisky feline in the mood to play all day. 

Is It Fun?

My kitty, Phelix, is not always super excited for plush cat toys, but after playing with him, he really enjoyed this toy. He loved the dangling string, which made our play very interactive. He just loved batting at this mouse. He also liked this little mouse's fun textures as he enjoyed grabbing, squeezing it and chewing on it.

Who It’s For

This mouse is designed for frisky kitties who love active play. 

What To Be Aware Of

Now, just because my kitty loved this toy, doesn't exactly mean that your cat will love it too. Each cat's response can vary.

  • Pet Fun

  • People Fun

  • Value