SmartyKat Catnip & Silvervine Flamingo Flop, Fantasy Frenzy, and Pom Player Toys Review (Worldwise)

SmartyKat Catnip & Silvervine Flamingo Flop, Fantasy Frenzy, and Pom Player Toys
What It Is

Does your finicky feline need a little extra excitement? Well, now there is a new collection of cat toys that contain an exciting blend of silvervine and catnip. Silvervine is a wild-growing herb from the mountains of Japan and China. It has a strong natural effect on cats, even some that don't respond to catnip. Besides this collection's new blend of catnip, it also has weirdly wonderful wacky colors, shapes and textures. For example, SmartyKat Fantasy Frenzy Crinkle Unicorn Cat Toy has dangling legs that entice cats to play with its felt body along with a feather mane and tail. Likewise, the Pom Player is basically a Door Dangler 3 in 1 toy that is launch-able for interactive play or can hang just out of cat's reach to encourage jumping with real feathers and mixed textures. Lastly, the Flamingo Flop is a silly adorable toy with feather and dangling legs, which is designed to encourage your cat's hunting instincts.

Is It Fun?

Now catnip plush toys can be a hit-or-miss with my frisky friend, Phelix, no matter the amount of catnip they contain. So, I was excited to see if this new blend would grab his attention. At first he didn't seem enticed at all by these plush toys, but after some effort he enjoyed playing with them, especially when these toys had this new catnip on them. Wow, I guess this catnip really does entice cats.

Who It’s For

Finicky felines who need a little extra excitement and don't typically respond to catnip or catnip plush toys. 

What To Be Aware Of

Each cat's reaction and response may vary depending on their personality and temperament.

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  • People Fun

  • Value