SmartyKat Super Scratcher Tower Review (Worldwise)

SmartyKat Super Scratcher Tower
What It Is

Scratching is not only instinctual, but it promotes healthy nail growth, helps alleviate stress and even tone muscles for your feline friend. The SmartyKat Super Scratcher Tower is a unique cat scratching post in that its a tall cardboard corrugated cat scratcher, which can be used in a vertical and horizontal position. Likewise, this scratcher is really unique because it uses new technology to infuse highly concentrated catnip between each layer of cardboard so the potent catnip scent is released every time your cat scratches.

Is It Fun?

Now, discovering your cat's scratching preferences is never easy, but I do know that my kitty, Phelix, typically loves cardboard corrugated textures and catnip. So I thought this would be his new favorite scratcher, especially since the catnip scent is released every time he would scratch. Sadly, that wasn't necessarily the case. Out of the box, he wouldn't touch the scratcher and only after I put my own catnip on it would he use it.

Who It’s For

This scratcher is recommended for cats who love catnip and corrugated cardboard scratchers. It is also ideal for pet parents who don't want to deal with the headache and mess of loose catnip.

What To Be Aware Of

Some assembly required with this scratch post. Also, just since my cat wasn't in love with this scratcher doesn't mean that your cat won't like it either. Each cat is different and results and likability are subject to your cat's personal preferences.

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