Not Parent Approved Game and Expansion Packs Review (Not Parent Approved, LLC)

Not Parent Approved Game and Expansion Packs
What It Is

Not Parent Approved is a party game for 4+ players, ages 8+. Start by dealing each player 7 red cards. And now, it's time for a burp contest. Whoever wins is the first round's burp boss! The burp boss picks a blue card and reads it out loud. All other players fill in the blank with one of their red cards. The burp boss picks the winner. With each new round comes a new burp boss, and plenty more hilarious answers. And if you run out of blue cards, don't worry - we have expansion packs! There are plenty of similar party games, but the majority of them are geared towards adults. What about the younger kids? In this game, there are no swear words, or references to drugs, alcohol, body parts or sex. So parents, let your kids play this game and leave the room so they can have some fun! 

Is It Fun?
Yes, this party game will have kids cracking up.
Who It’s For
Party Game players, ages 8+
What To Be Aware Of
Although this is not an adult party game, some answers may be inappropriate for some audiences.  
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