Brik Buster Review (Strictly Briks)

Brik Buster
What It Is

Strictly Briks, the game created by kids for kids! It would be a fun game to add to family game night, but we found setting up the game is not easy. First you stack the colorful 133-piece set by placing two platforms together to form a base. However, the bricks are flimsy and do not hold up much, which could frustrate small children . Make each level by stacking four columns of four stackers tall on the corners of the platforms and two columns between the two corners. Each player will then take turns hitting the support pieces with the hammer, trying to not make the tower fall. The last person to knock out a brik without toppling the tower, wins! Once the game is over you can continue playing by those rules or play completely differently. Play best of three, or create your own variation of the game. Creativity comes into play here with endless possibilities. A bonus feature is that the Brik Buster claims to fit with other building brick brands you may already have, encouraging more creative play. 

Is It Fun?
The game had the potential to be fun, but as stated, the briks are flimsy and it takes a long time to set up tall towers without it knocking over. 
Who It’s For
Brik Buster is designed for children 3 and up. 
What To Be Aware Of
The briks do not stand up easily. Building can be frustrating for children and even adults.
  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    Very Difficult