Circuit Blox 120 and Circuit Blox Lights Review (E-Blox)

Circuit Blox 120 and Circuit Blox Lights
What It Is

Light up your brick building and a whole lot more with new Circuit Blox construction sets. You can build 120 different projects with the Circuit Blox 120 kit or build your own creations with light thanks to the Circuit Blox Lights kit. Each is sold separately and works with existing building bricks for even more design possibilities.

The main build in the 49-piece Circuit Blox 120 kit is a real-working FM radio, however, the instructions start kids off with the basics of electricity through smaller and easier builds. As kids progress through the different builds, they'll add more blocks and more features until they're ready to tackle the radio build.

With the Lights kit, use 32 pieces to build whatever you want and then light it up. There is a sample build in the instruction sheet, but kids are encouraged to use the pieces as well as other blocks they already own to build something totally new.

Is It Fun?

We love the colorful and translucent look of these blocks that allows kids to see the different mechanisms inside and makes the building process a little more exciting. And being able to combine these blocks with those kids already own gives more opportunity to get creative and add light and motion to their own builds.

Who It’s For

Circuit Blox sets are for kids ages 8 and up who like to build.

What To Be Aware Of

The Circuit Blox 120 set is $43.99, while the Lights set is $19.99. Each is sold separately.

Three AA batteries are required for both kits.

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    3 AA batteries required