Marvel Rising Secret Warriors Ms. Marvel Quake Squirrel Girl America Chavez Ghost-Spider Review (Hasbro)

Marvel Rising Secret Warriors Ms. Marvel Quake Squirrel Girl America Chavez Ghost-Spider
What It Is

They may seem like unlikely heroes, but the teens in Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors were "Born Ready". Bring the action and adventure from the animated Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors movie to life through a line-up of superhero dolls featuring all the main characters. 

There's super speedy America Chavez who can take to the skies in her red, white, and blue ensemble of denim vest, blue star shirt, black denim shorts, red star sneakers, red gloves, and big gold hoops. The doll comes with a clip-on starburst accessory.

Squirrel Girl, aka Doreen Green, loves squirrels and comic books, and the doll version of this superhero even comes with a squirrel figure. The doll's bushy squirrel tail and squirrel ears headband complete her look.

Daisy Johnson is the earth-shattering hero Quake. Ready to break away from her past, she's using her powers for good. The doll wears a metallic jumpsuit with heeled boots, silver gloves, and silver belt. A purple clip-on accessory is also included.

Kamala Khan joins the group, too, as her superhero alter ego Ms. Marvel. The doll wears a blue long-sleeved top with a gold lightning bolt on it, a red scarf with lightning bolt detail on the ends, red pants, and blue sneakers with lightning bolts. Act out the hero's stretchability by switching out one of the doll's hands with the included giant hand accessory.

Don't get tangled up with Ghost-Spider. Rocking a black, white, and pink hooded jumpsuit with matching face mask, Gwen Stacy is ready to fight the bad guys. A clip-on web accessory is included with this doll.

And Marvel's Patriot, aka Rayshaun Lucas, is super strong and super fast. The doll wears a red, white, and blue jumpsuit with an eagle emblem on the front and on the clip-on shield accessory. Brown boots and a brown utility belt complete the outfit.

Is It Fun?

Kids who have seen the movie will have fun playing out their favorite scenes with these cool action dolls. Mimicking the looks of the dolls from the animation, each one has a different facial sculpt and body type, which will really resonate with young female fans. This doll line will be a lot of fun for girls especially who like superheroes and playing with dolls, and for anyone who wants to see a little more diversity in their superhero lineup.

Who It’s For

The Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors dolls are for ages 6 and up. These will be fun to play with for kids who are fans of the movie, but they might also make fun collectibles for older Marvel fans.

What To Be Aware Of

Each Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors doll is sold separately. Additional dolls are also available and sold separately.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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