NFL ShowDown Review (Buffalo Games)

NFL ShowDown
What It Is

NFL Showdown is for two players, ages 8+. The game includes the game board, 32 NFL team scoring footballs, 19 Playbook cards, 64 Big Play cards, 4 dice, a football, a field goal, a flicker kicker, line of scrimmage and down markers, and a scoreboard. A general understanding of American football is helpful, and the instructions will guide you through your choice of Rookie or Pro mode. Players pick their team and use the Playbook and Big Play cards to strategize against their opponent. Roll the dice to see how many yards you gain or lose. And just like in real football, there are tackles, interceptions, safeties, two-point conversions, extra points and field goals. To kick, place the football on the flicker and show the fans what you've got. NFL Showdown is a fun game for football fans of all ages. I recommend starting with the rookie mode. But just like the best rookies, you'll soon be heading to the pro bowl. 

Is It Fun?
Yes, NFL fans will enjoy bringing their favorite team into their homes for a strategic, fun game of football. 
Who It’s For
Football fans and gamers, ages 8+
What To Be Aware Of

A general understanding of American football is helpful. 

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