Hot Wheels Mega Garage Review (Mattel)

Hot Wheels Mega Garage
What It Is

Aren't you relieved when find a great parking space? Even if it's for your Hot Wheels cars? This is the Hot Wheels Mega Garage from Mattel. New for 2018, it has  space for more than 35 Hot Wheels (or other 1:46 scale) cars, the garage provides storage and play in engaging and dramatic ways. 

The garage stands about two feet tall when fully assembled. However, compared to the other Hot Wheels garage sets that Mattel has introduced, it's remarkably space saving. Think of it as the urban Hot Wheels garage, which makes sense since this is part of the Hot Wheels City line. 

The set comes unassembled, and it took us only a few minutes to put it together. Most of the assembly time was spent putting on the stickers, actually. 

Then, load it up. Insert the cars into the cradles that can be moved around with the big handle on the back. It's very similar to a Ferris Wheel. There are static places all over the garage where you can place other cars as well. 

There's a lot of really cool play built into this, too. Probably the most obvious is the jump ramp that comes off the front of the garage. Rotate one of the cradles into place, lift the tab on the back and see which car is fastest down the track. Kids can create all different kinds of match-ups with their Hot Wheels cars and see which are the top performers.  There are other great play opportunities as well, as you can imagine giving your cars a tune up, or arranging them in order of performance on the base. 

There's even a handle on top for portability. It's also designed to be able to connect to other sets in the Hot Wheels City line, such as the Ultimate Gator Car Wash. The garage is super cool, super convenient and probably deserves to be parked in the room of any Hot Wheels fan.

Is It Fun?
This is great for Hot Wheels kids. It's got a dramatic way to sort, store and play with the cars, and it's easy and fun to play with. The vertical, space-saving design means it can be parked in almost any play area so it's always ready for action. 
Who It’s For

The set is designed for kids ages 5 and up. Naturally, it will appeal most to kids who love Hot Wheels and who tend to have a bunch of them.

Kids will love this because of all the ways they can play and imagine and enjoy their Hot Wheels collections. Parents will like this because with the average Hot Wheels fan having about 41 cars, this is a space-saving way to store and play.

What To Be Aware Of
The set comes unassembled, but assembly was easy. As noted, the most time-consuming part of the assembly was putting on the labels.

Not all Hot Wheels cars will fit in this, particularly in the rotating cradles. Try and see which ones work best. 

If a car gets stuck, you can manipulate it by gently adjusting the car in the cradle through the holes in the uprights on the garage.

This integrates with other Hot Wheels track and with other sets in the Hot Wheels City line, including the Hot Wheels City Ultimate Gator Car Wash

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