Barbie Styled By Marni Senofonte Dolls Review (Mattel)

Barbie  Styled By Marni Senofonte Dolls
What It Is

These are the Barbie Styled by Marni Senofonte dolls from the Barbie Black Label collection. 

Marni Senofonte is not just an A-list celebrity stylist but she's known for creating looks that become legendary moments in fashion. Think: Beyonce's Lemonade, her Super Bowl Black Panther-inspired look, and Bey's iconic pregnancy shoot that pretty much broke the internet. Marni has also been the stylist behind young models such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, who's current street styles start trending as soon as they walk out the door. Thus, it only makes sense that the "it" stylist would team up with the forever "it" girl: Barbie. 

The Barbie Styled by Marni Senofonte  Doll No. FJH75 is a curvy, black Barbie who just looks like a powerhouse. She's got a beautiful facial sculpt (the Crystal facial sculpt) finished with a plum lip.  She's also serving us a little bit of Super Bowl vibes with her afro and faux-leather beret. She wears a dark denim, long-sleeved turtleneck crop top paired with harem-styled jeans with black fishnets that peek through on top and down the side openings. It's topped off with a pop of color on the bottom in these jelly-like hot pink pumps and some bar rings. 

The second Barbie Styled by Marni Senofonte Doll No. FJH76 features long auburn hair styled into an ultra on-trend topknot. The doll features the Original Barbie body type with the Daya facial sculpt. The doll also has a strong brow game. Her bold hoop earrings are also pretty hypnotizing. Her outfit is a denim cropped jacket with a B emblazoned on the back, but it's a little bulky so it's also tapping into that oversized boyfriend wear look. She pairs it with a sheer maxi dress with a thigh-high slit and a black body suit underneath. The doll is customized with chrome painted fingernails.

Each doll comes with a doll stand for display out of package, if you choose, and a Certificate of Authenticity. 

Is It Fun?

Overall, we think the styling of these dolls really does a god job at capturing Marni's own style sensibility and edgy, on-trend fashion sense. Plus if you choose to leave them displayed in package each is striking a fierce pose. 

Who It’s For

The Barbie Styled by Marni Senofonte dolls are for ages 6 and up but will more than likely age up toward collectors. They will especially appeal to fans of the celebrity stylist as well. 

What To Be Aware Of
These dolls are part of the Barbie Signature doll collection, geared toward collectors. As a black label doll this falls somewhere between the pink and silver labels, in terms of collectibility. As with most black label dolls, the line typically includes celebrity Barbie dolls.
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