KiiPix Review (TOMY)

What It Is

The KiiPix Instant Picture Printer merges the fun of capturing photos on a smartphone with having a more permanent keepsake of that moment on film. The device originally emerged under the name Printoss last year in Japan and TOMY is now bringing it to America.

To get started, simply unfold the winged panels of the KiiPix and slide the white frame inside to pop up the plate. This is where your smartphone comes in. Select a picture you want to print and bring it up on the screen of your smartphone. Then, using the guides on the white frame, place your screen for printing. The frames rubberized strips will help to keep your phone from moving around. Just be sure when placing your phone that it's facing the right direction (indicated on the frame) otherwise you'll end up with an upside down photo. When ready, simply press the shutter button to snap/copy your image. Turn the dial on the side of your KiiPix clockwise to wind your film. 

Now for those of us who are old enough to remember using instant film, do not flap the image but instead simply lay it down and let it develop on its own. Viola, you'll have an instant physical copy of your photo to display and share. 

Is It Fun?

We've seen how analog photography is making a comeback and how devices such as the Fujifilm Instax Mini cameras are making this type of photography cool again among tweens. But realistically, tweens are still much more likely to have their smartphones on them 24-7 then they are to carry an analog camera. That's where the KiiPix comes in. 

This portable printing device merges the retro fun of instant camera prints and convenience of smartphone photography in a way that, surprisingly, requires none of the usual syncing annoyances that come with remote printing. Instead it's low-tech fun. 

Parents will especially appreciate how it pulls kids away from staring at their smartphones a bit to create a physical momento.

Who It’s For

The KiiPix Instant Picture Printer is for ages 13 and up however, we think it may skew down a bit as well to capture the tween audience as well as up to capture the adults that still yearn for the days of instant film and keepsakes. Either way, it's a definite gift option for photography enthusiasts and young shutter bugs. 

What To Be Aware Of

Make sure the screen brightness  on your smartphone is at max otherwise your image will be dark. You'll also want to set your screen dimmer so that it doesn't dim after a few seconds, again darkening the image when printing

When positioning your smartphone, you can also use the reflective mirror to preview and ensure your photo is properly aligned. 

When waiting for your image to expose, you'll also want to avoid placing it in direct heat or sunlight. 

The pictures on the KiiPix packaging are a lot brighter than what you'll actually get from printing on instant film but we think it adds to the fun of filtered/retro looks. 

What you will need is film. The Kii Pix only works with Fujifilm Instax Mini film, which is not included. It will provide 10 images per roll. Don't remove the film from the KiiPix until it's empty or you'll risk exposing the film and rendering it useless.

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