The Mansky Caper Review (Calliope Games)

The Mansky Caper
What It Is

Al Mansky is one rich mobster, and when he's out of town, you break into his mansion to steal his moolah for yourself. But his house isn't guarded; it's booby-trapped. Avoid getting blown up and work together with your mobster family to steal the most loot in the new family game The Mansky Caper.

There are eight different characters that you can play, and each one has a different personality and special ability. For instance, Frankie the Fixer gets to draw two tokens from a safe, while Sergeant Spike gets to send another player back to the Getaway Car before sharing loot. Now, unfortunately, you can't use these special abilities for yourself. But you can give a Favor marker to another player to use their special ability. 

To start, you'll have five room cards randomly set out and lying facedown. Two of the room cards get unlocked, which means the Room cards get turned over and the number of Loot, GASP!, and Danger-Danger! tokens shown on the card get placed in the room's safe. Players take turns opening the safes in these two rooms and randomly removing a token. 

If it's a Loot token, you take the items shown on the token from the Supply Box and put them on top of your stash bag. If you're not the only player in that room, you must evenly divide the loot with the other players. If you've collected a lot of loot, you can spend a turn going back to the Getaway Car and stashing your loot inside your stash bag so that it's safe from booby-traps and other players. And if you're at the Getaway Car with another player, you can spend a Favor marker to invoke the Hey, Buddy! rule: force a 50-50 split of your combined stashes. 

If you find a Loot token with a key, save it and use it on your next turn to unlock a new room. Once a new room is unlocked, players can move there and open the safe.

If you drew a GASP! token, turn over the top GASP! card and do what it says. Some of the cards have Loot on them that you'll need to collect and divide up, and then you might have to add more tokens to the room's safe, add more tokens to your stash bag, or even unlock a secret room.

If you drew a Danger-Danger! token, you've tripped one of Al's booby traps. That token gets placed on the matching symbol at the top of the Room card. You also have to roll the Danger-Danger! die to find out if you get to disarm the trap, blow up your unstashed loot, blow up everyone's unstashed loot, destroy the room, or hide from Al. 

If a Danger-Danger! token is placed on the last circle of the room's Danger track, the room is immediately destroyed.

When all rooms are destroyed or all players are at the Getaway Car and unanimously decide they've stolen enough, the game ends. The player with the most loot wins and becomes the leader of the family mob.

Is It Fun?

This will be a fun and funny game for families who like playing games together. It's a nice mix of cooperative and competitive. There's no special skill to playing - it's pretty much the luck of the draw. You do need to think strategically, though, when it comes to how long to hang onto your loot before stashing it or when to call in a favor and use another player's ability. The game is going to be different each time you play, which keeps it exciting and a great choice for your family game night.

Who It’s For

The Mansky Caper is for two to six players ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

It takes between 40 and 60 minutes to play this game.

The game comes with 10 Room cards, a Getaway Car card, six Favor markers, 12 stands, eight character cards, eight character pawns, five safes, 78 loot tokens, a loot bag, six stash bags, 144 coins, 60 gems, 32 GASP! Tokens, 30 GASP! Cards, 32 Danger-Danger! tokens, a Danger-Danger! die, a supply box, and instructions.

The comic at the beginning of the instruction booklet is a fun way to explain the basic gist of the rules, but you'll still want to read through the more thorough five pages of instructions for specific gameplay.

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