Five Unit Set Castle Theme Review (BigBoxPlay)

Five Unit Set Castle Theme
What It Is

It's true that sometimes kids like the cardboard box a toy came in more than the actual toy. So with the BigBoxPlay play system, boxes are what it's all about. The Five Unit Set Castle Theme comes with enough materials to build five structures: three towers and two tunnels. The entire set is modular, so even though there is a picture of one configuration in the instructions, you're encouraged to explore other configurations depending on what type of structure you want to build. The tunnels give kids easy access to the towers, and flaps on the tops allow kids to stand and peek out.

Assembly uses a patent-pending bolt and grommet system. The Five Unit set includes four castle-themed connectable panels, two Dry Erase panels, 230 female grommets, 230 male grommets, 92 connector knobs, three tops, three bottoms, six sides, and two tunnels.

Is It Fun?

This is a very creative play system that will get parents and kids working together to assemble a castle, a fort, or whatever they can imagine. Even though this set has pre-printed castle-themed pieces, kids can still draw on and decorate the structures however they want. Because you can build and rebuild, kids can create something different each time they play.

Who It’s For

BigBoxPlay is for ages 2 and up. Creative kids who like playing in big play structures will have fun using their imaginations with this.

What To Be Aware Of

Initial one-time assembly of the grommets may take a few hours.

Price range $125 to $175 for various configurations.

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