First Act Discovery Acoustic Guitar Review (Jazwares)

First Act Discovery Acoustic Guitar
What It Is

The First Act Discovery Acoustic Guitar, from Jazwares, is recommended for players 6+. It includes all six strings and chord diagrams, but no strap or picks. I do not consider myself an accomplished guitar player, but I have been around enough guitars in my time to get a good feel for an instrument. So let's get right to it. Physically, it's smaller and lighter than a professional, adult guitar. And the blue flames do look cool. As for the playing of it, I think this is a great first guitar for kids who may or may not continue playing. Let's call it a "test guitar." If your child shows musical promise and/or dedication to playing guitar, I recommend spending some more money. I also recommend going to a music store and allowing a pro to assist you with picking out the right instrument. A skilled guitar teacher can also help. Although the First Act guitar is better than most of the toy guitars out there, it is limited. The overall quality isn't great and the sound leaves a bit to be desired. So if your child is the next Jimi Hendrix, or even the next Jimmy Buffet, find a better guitar and make sure he or she practices, practices, practices. But if you're looking for Music Toys that are more affordable, to see whether your kid is really into it, The First Act is a great place to start. 

Is It Fun?
Yes.  Young, first-timers will enjoy playing it but serious-minded musicians may want something of better quality.  
Who It’s For
Beginner guitar players, ages 6+
What To Be Aware Of
The guitar does not include picks or a strap. This guitar needs tuning more often than a professional musical instrument.
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