Spirit Riding Free Mini Horse Blind Bag Wave 3 Review (Just Play)

Spirit Riding Free Mini Horse Blind Bag Wave 3
What It Is

Collect your own herd of wild horses with this surprise pack inspired by the Netflix series, DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free. The realistic mini horse figures are about 2-inches tall and come in a miniature barn and stable, but the real fun is the surprise. Open the barn packaging to reveal your horse. There are 8 unique horse figures to grow your horse herd, we mean collection. 

Is It Fun?

We enjoyed these horse surprise packs. The reveal is such a big deal. Plus, we love the small cute barn packaging these horses come in along with their plastic stable, which can be played with after unboxing is done. Moreover, we like how realistic and detailed these little figures look. They also come in great action poses with intense eyes and flowing hair too.

Who It’s For

This surprise toy is recommended for ages 3 years and up. We also recommend this toy for anyone who loves surprise toys as well as imaginative role-play. Horses are also ideal for those fans of NETFLIX Spirit Riding Free. Perfect for both kids and collectors alike.

What To Be Aware Of

Each surprise pack is sold separately. That being said, if you purchase more than one horse box surprise, you may receive two or more identical horses.

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