Shaky Manor Review (Blue Orange Games)

Shaky Manor
What It Is

Can you keep the treasure away from ghosts, eyes, snakes, and spiders in Shaky Manor? Find out when you play the Shaky Manor game. Players complete challenges by tilting and gently shaking their manor box to move the correct objects into one room. You win a card as a point if you're the first player to finish. 

Each player starts with their own box and one meeple, two ghosts, two eyes, two spiders, two snakes, and three treasure chests. The player gets to place the meeple, a ghost, and the treasure chests randomly in their box. But then, players mix up the box of the player to their right. Then, turn over a card to reveal a specific room. All players race to get the meeple and the three treasure chests into the room pictured on the card. No other object can be in that room. 

You've got to tilt and gently shake your box to move the required objects through the doorways of the manor and into the right room. If you win, you score a point, but you also have to add an extra object to your manor for the future rounds. Keep playing until one player has five points to win the game.

A second way to play involves all of the objects being placed in the box with the goal of getting the objects shown on a card into the room shown on another card.

Is It Fun?

The fast pace of this game makes it exciting, and players will definitely have fun as they try to quickly, but with skill, move the pieces inside the manor box. The game is easy to learn how to play, and we like that there are variations that challenge kids in different ways.

Who It’s For

Shaky Manor is for two to four players ages 7 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The game includes four Shaky Manor boxes, 48 objects (four player meeples, eight ghosts, eight eyes, eight spiders, eight snacks, and 12 treasure chests), and 48 challenge cards.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy