Sunny Day Pop-In Style Sunny, Lacey, Rox, Blair, Cindy, and Doodle Review (Mattel)

Sunny Day Pop-In Style Sunny, Lacey, Rox, Blair, Cindy, and Doodle
What It Is

Mattel's fun Pop-In Style Sunny Day dolls. Sunny measure 6 inches tall and is dressed in her normal Nick Jr. show attire; blue top and blue pants with her yellow and pink tutu, pink shoes and signature colorful hair. Sunny comes with 3 pop-in accessories with 9 pop-in locations. Pop in her hair accessories to create your own Sunny style or mix and match with best friends Rox, Blair and Cindy who are sold separately. Your child will also enjoy the Pop In Style Doodle who is Sunny's pet dog and sidekick. Doodle also comes with 3 pop-in hair accessories with 3 pop-in locations. Step up the fun and add accessories from either Sunny, Blair and Rox's collection and mix and match with Doodle.

Is It Fun?

Children will love collecting all the Sunny Day dolls and enjoy mixing and matching the different accessories. Fans of the Nickelodeon animated series will also enjoy seeing their favorite characters as dolls, and recreating scenes from the show.

Who It’s For

The Sunny Day Pop-In Style dolls are recommended for kids ages 3 years old and up. They'll appeal to fans of the Sunny Day animated series, as well as those who enjoy playing with dolls, and figures. 

What To Be Aware Of

Each doll is sold separately, and comes with a hairbrush, and pop-in hair accessories.

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