Barbie Color & Style Deluxe Styling Head Review (Just Play)

Barbie Color & Style Deluxe Styling Head
What It Is

The reason that the Barbie Color & Style Deluxe Styling Head is deluxe is because the set comes with tons of accessories to keep your child busy; styling head, hair brush, headband, straightener, mixing bowl, mixing brush, hair gel, hair extension,3 barrettes, 1 ring, 8 plug and play gems, 2 hair bands, applicator, nail wheel and sticker sheet. Not only will your child be able to brush, style and braid Barbie's fabulous hair into up-dos add hair bands and barrettes, but they'll be able to really color Barbie's hair! Dip the applicator in the color gel and paint Barbie's hair a trendy shade of purple! The magic doesn't stop there- add water to the magic nail applicator to transform Barbie nails to a dark pink! They'll be able to add stickers on to Barbie's nails for some more fun. Your child will be able to wear Barbie's headband, use her comb and add stickers to her nails too. Barbie's hand and arms are posable for a bit more of added fun. This is perfect for children who enjoy Barbie and want to role-play being a hair stylist.

Is It Fun?
Your child will love styling Barbie from her hair to her nails in fun and innovative ways thanks to all the accessories it comes with. 
Who It’s For

The Barbie Color Deluxe Styling Head set comes in four more other complexions and is geared for children 3 years old and up.

What To Be Aware Of
Comes with 25 accessories and 4 different color complexions. 
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